Sunday, July 24, 2011

Forever Friends

Being able to make friends has always been a challenge for me but since becoming a birthmom I have found just the opposite.
I have the opportunity to meet a fellow birthmom yesterday. We had been communicating via Facebook, e-mail & a forum. I was introduced via e-mail from a fellow birthmom who works for On Your Feet Foundation.
When we first met face to face it was like we were long lost friends.
We already had one thng in common that connected us.We chatted quickly,filling each other in on small things before we joined the friends I was already with (for another event, which made it possible for me to finally meet C.(to protect privacy initial will be used).
Once we returned we knew we wouldn't be able to talk openly about our adopted children so we sat at another table (no room for my us).
C. had her 2 children with her so it was nice to meet them as well.
We had an instant connection!!! It amazes me when we meet another birthmom how we form instant friendships.We may have nothing else in common but choosing to place a child for adoption but that is the cement that holds us together.We know the pain and joy of giving birth only to place our child in the arms of another.I don't think anyone understands but another
It amazes me the connection we form with complete strangers!!