Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas / New Year 2012

Christisitmas / New Years Visit

I had my Christmas / New Year's visit last Friday. I was nervous. I really didn't want to go. I don't have a reason for feeling that way, but at times I actually don't feel like a visit. Now that it has been a week since we got together I am still thinking about what a great time we had.
We had dinner together and after that I let the kids open their gifts. They were very excited (as usual). I got D and his sister floor puzzles. We had a great time putting them together.
I got a new camera a few months ago so I was glad to take pics with it. I love taking pics when we have visits because we don't get together every month, and D seems to grow alot between those times we do get together.
His mom let me see his report card (kindergarten) and she also had some Christmas pictures he had colored, and a few class work sheets and a paper craft. She gave me the school papers to keep ( tears).....
She had said that we needed to take a group picture (as I had a camera with a timer, which would allow EVERYONE to be in it). Dad went to get their camera as well. We took a few group pics and a few silly funny face pics... D and his mom disappear. She had said that D had a gift for me. He comes out with a picture frame. It was one that he picked out himself. It said Our Family. He had a speech, he said I love you and we are family and I want you to have this.. I am sure he said something else but I was overwhelmed so I didn't catch it all (and he talks fast and soft). The "family pic" we took is to be put into that frame !!! Mom then hands me an envelope and inside is a Christmas card of the kids and the D's school pic. I lost it then (quicklywipe the tears off of my cheek). She also included a few pics of him and his sister together and a few of just him form the past year. Those pics and school papers mean more to me than anything I could ever dream of wanting. They are gold to me !!
We hung out together and really enjoyed ourselves. That was my Christmas / New Year's visit and I am soooo glad I decided to go. It was one of the best visits I have had in a while.